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Symposium Records  

This firm specialises in digitally remastered rare historical recordings.
Ideas & design of Cd booklets, inlays & disc text produced to very precise tech. spec. and often within tight schedules. Advertising material was also produced. The text and illustrations for the inner pages of booklets were scanned from supplied hard copy and scaled to fit. The inlay cards were produced to a standard format to include the company logo, title, catalogue number, copyright statement, CD logo, details of track listings/index numbers and a barcode generated as a vector graphic and manipulated within Illustrator to meet very exacting requirements to ensure that it could be scanned. All work was supplied ready to go to press in either pantone or cmyk colours.

Cd booklet & inlay card were produced in Quark & Photoshop. The cover of the booklet was designed using a very old & ‘distressed’ piece of sheet music which required a great deal of cleaning up within Photoshop.
The text was placed not only strategically, but also in a precise pecking order according to the client’s wishes & with the emphasis on the rarest item - the Theremin Concerto by Anis Fuleihan.
The Symposium Opera Collection
This piece was produced in Quark & Photoshop. One of a new series which required a standard format. The phonograph image was created in Photoshop.

A variety of filters were used to produce the desired effect. The use of strong pantone colours runs throughout the series to make them attract the eye.

Lord Berners
Magpie Studio created this using Quark & Photoshop. The portrait on the front cover of the booklet amply conveys “the futurist peer’s” eccentricity.
It was decided that the image was too strong to ‘bleed’ on all four sides and thus require the text to be placed on top of it. Therefore a column of neutral colour and a plain font were used to provide the relevant information and counterbalance the detail on its left.
Scott Butler
Producer of Folk Festivals in North Norfolk, England. Publicity material was created for the 3rd annual ‘Folk on the Pier’ festival in May 2001.

In order to advertise in various festival programmes during the 2000 season the initial advertising material was required by early that year.

The 2 archive photographs used in previous years had followed a standard format (see past commissions) and as no image had, at this time, been chosen which conformed with the previous years it was decided to use one of my photographs - “Marley’s Sunset” (see ‘first Folk ad’ in Announcements &photograph in Electronic) which shows the picturesque area where the festival is held.

The final design (above) using an archive photograph was agreed upon by January 2001. This design was used consistently for newspaper & magazine advertising, posters and the event programme. It was produced in Quark and the photograph (approx. 100 years old, black & white and depicting fishermen on the beach at Cromer) was tinted and adjusted using Photoshop filters.


Magpie Studio created this beach hut image for use in theatre production. The rights to the digital image are under contract covering exclusive use until December 2001.

The original pastel painting is now available see 'Strands of Amber' in Etchings.


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