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I was born in the village of Felbridge in Sussex, England. My recollections of it are as a picturesque and peaceful place. I haven't visited the area for a long time and have no real desire to in case it has been turned into a suburb of East Grinstead, the nearest town. I would sooner retain my memories of lanes and cottages with toilets at the bottom of the garden (past the vegetable patch) and tin baths hanging on the scullery walls. I feel the need to add here that I am talking about the second half of the twentieth century and that it was then a place that 'progress' had generally overlooked.

General Weather of Place of Birth:
Unpredictably typically British! I have travelled a fair amount to hot rainless places and while most of them have their own beauty they do not have the wide spectrum of colours and scents of the British, or northern European, countryside. If I get to feel hemmed in by grey skies and rain I try to make sure that I remind myself that the country's divese landscape is only maintained, sometimes against the odds, by the climate - and there are some great rainbows.

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