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Walking the dog on the beach, which in the case of Norfolk means access to miles of unspoilt sandy beaches, cliffs and, usually, more wildlife than people.

An eclecltic mix of music- from Dylan to Mahler to La Bottine Souriante to the Peatbog Faeries - it would probably be simpler to state what I don't like. Live music in almost any surroundings, from concert halls to village halls to forests but particularly festivals like the Cambridge Folk festival where the wide range of acts, both arranged and spontaneous, and the atmosphere are far more exhilarating than the perhaps cunningly titled festival indicates. Listening to tenor sax and bagpipes, though not necessarily at the same time!

Reading- from Balsac to Kerouac. My old MGB, which is part of the family. Writing short stories and fiction when time allows. Yoga as often as possible.

Horses, from grooming to mucking out to riding through peaceful countryside with wonderful views and an affinity with nature. Travelling, but particularly holidaying in Brittany, eating crepes and going to Fest Noz to see and hear the Bagads in action.

Walking the dog to the pub! Preferably an old fashioned country one even if that does entail a longer walk - anyway, my excuse is that the dog, who is a very gregarious being, enjoys it and the exercise is good for him.

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