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Major Influences:  
My earliest influence was probably my father, a professional photographer, from whom I learnt (often unwittingly) about composition, light, tonal values and the art of being observant, patient and spontaneous all at the same time. I admire the Impressionists-particularly Claude Monet’s landscapes. Edgar Degas’ sketches and pastels. Later work of J.M.W. Turner- particularly his skies. Georges Braque. For me to find inspiration it's hard to beat going to the Art Institute in Chicago! Although long walks in the countryside or on the beach, particularly in Brittany or Norfolk, are just as rewarding.
Relevant Superstitions & Stuff:
Magpies - “one for sorrow, two for joy, three for something better”
“No horseshoe nor magpie shall baffle our skill”
A person who is ‘a cultural magpie’ is someone who collects an eclectic mix of objects & information. I have discovered that I could be described as one.

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Major Influences

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